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Auberndale Dental Office

Dental Office In Auburndale

Are you looking to reestablish your amazing smile? Whether it was the result of an accident or poor dental health, an incomplete smile can detract from a healthy sense of self-confidence and hinder your social and professional development. Wasserman Family Dentistry is home to two talented dentists who have garnered a reputation as leading providers of exceptional dental care in Queens. At their Auberndale dental office, they offer the latest options in restorative dentistry to help you regain your beautiful smile.

At Wasserman Family Dentistry, we strive to provide everyone who comes through our doors with the individualized attention they deserve. We know that dealing with missing teeth can be stressful, so we’ll do everything we can to provide you with a comfortable dental experience where all your needs are carefully addressed. When the gums and jawline have suffered extensive erosion, alternatives to replacing missing teeth such as implants become unviable. Dentures are an excellent and cost-effective way to reestablish your smile. With the proper care and maintenance, they have the potential to last a long time, rendering them a very reliable treatment. While they may take some initial getting used to, our high-quality dentures can replicate the appearance and function of real teeth in a remarkable fashion. At our Auberndale dental office, we prioritize quality in everything. Our dentures are fabricated out of the high-grade dental material and they’re customized to fit the unique dimensions of your mouth.

Auberndale Dental Office

At Wasserman Family Dentistry, we have established ourselves as a leading dentist in Queens by providing our patients with the highest levels of personalized dental care. We’ve helped countless patients restore the appearance and functionality of their smiles with our extensive selection of restorative options and we are confident we can do the same for you. Give our Auberndale dental office a call today to schedule an appointment.


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